Well, today is November 1st. I have committed myself to 50,000.00 words till December 1st. I have also begun this blog. Actually, I began it months ago, but living, surviving caused me to abandon it. Now, I want to commit to writing everyday for the month of November. It begins again here. Today’s prompt is if I found million dollars and had to spend before nightfall, how would I do it?

First, I would go to the library. The main library where I live contains on a daily basis Homeless people. More so than probably wanting to be literate, they have no other place to go. The library has become the idling place, meeting place, gathering place. I would give each person $100.00. I would go to wherever I can recall their will be people who may be in need and hand them $100.00. I would then pay for a house which I have had my eyes on. I would pay someone to watch my companion, while I head for an airport and hop a plane which will take me to many, many places.